Identity theft a serious concern for truckers

Truckers have a considerable interest in avoiding identity theft because of the impact it can have on their ability to make a living, let alone on their short-term personal financial situation.

Truck drivers must often travel great distances with sensitive financial and personal documents in their vehicles - which makes it that much more important to guard against thieves when leaving a vehicle unattended or stopping for the night.

In fact, identity thieves have more than just credit card numbers in their sights when they set out to commit their crimes these days. For example, some criminals seek out personal data so it can be used to set up phony driver's licenses and other identifying documents - sometimes as part of a scheme to move stolen vehicles.

One such scam was recently broken up in New Jersey, where state law enforcement officials recently announced the indictments of two men who were accused of a variety of fraud offenses - including using a victim's driver's license to buy insurance for at least two stolen cars.

For truckers, this is a particularly worrisome crime because it can take years to fully recover from a serious case of identity theft.

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